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Splitting a Class C is possible

Back in March, I had a discussion with one of my teacher. It was a course about networking and he was allegating that you cannot make two subnets out of a Class C.

My first reaction was that Classes are meaningless and he should use prefixes to describe routing. But my second thought was: what the hell is he talking about? Of course you can subnet a Class C. In prefixes terms, that's a /25.

I then tried to explain why it works and how he was misleaded. But then again, some people tend to believe that a student cannot be right. Then I came across this on ARIN:

olivier@sheep olivier $ whois NET-65-39-193-0-1

CustName: Peer1 Internet Bandwidth
Address: 2100-555 W. hastings St.
City: Vancouver
StateProv: BC
PostalCode: V6B-4N5
Country: CA
RegDate: 2002-12-02
Updated: 2002-12-02

NetRange: -

I am sorry to say, not only half of a Class C can be routed, it can also be routed on the Internet. Should I be a smart mouth and send an email to my kind teacher?


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