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AMT Mobile

After a lenghty process, AMT Mobile will hit the Apple Store in the next hours.

If you take the train in the Montreal region and you want something to track the schedules, or even know when the train is out of service (believe me.. this happens quite frequently), go grab a copy, it's just 99¢

Am I working for the AMT? No.. Do they know about this iPhone App? No.. Why did I do this? Because I was bored back in March and some people were insisting on me putting this on the App Store.

By the way, between the time I submitted the App and the actual launch date, someone has released a global public transportation mobile app. I think it's something like YUL Mobile or something (not to name it!). Of course, my app is better, faster, more efficient and saves the environment, but feel free to try both, I'll read the comments and improve as necessary.