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geoip-0.2.0 released

Finally, GeoIP is available on PECL. It's been a while since it all started, but now the first release is out the door.

First of all, GeoIP is a piece of software that can map an IP address or hostname to a geographic place. Although it cannot be 100% accurate (since your IP address is from your ISP which might not be next door), it gives you a rough idea in which city the user is coming from. With this data handy, you can then choose to present a local version of your website. Also, it can be really useful for demographic analysis where you calculate where your users are located based on log files. Anyway, what you do with that piece of software is up to you.

The good news though, is that it is now easily available from PHP. After long debates and licenses clashes (GPL being incompatible with the PHP License). The author of the GeoIP C Library kindly accepted to release the new version as LGPL. With this change, the GeoIP PECL module could be created, using the skeleton from SourceForge. Since that, many memory leaks were fixed, and documentation has been written. It should now be in good working conditions, let me know if you find bugs.

By the way, if someone builds a website using GeoIP to determine where the user is from, outputting this on a Yahoo! map using their API and fetching photos near where the user is from Flickr using geotags, leave a comment, I want to see this :)