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My FOAF description

After doing some readings on the semantic web and RDF, I came accross an emerging standard called FOAF.

What is FOAF? Actually, it is an acronym for Friend Of A Friend. What is its purpose? It let you describe yourself inside an RDF document with such infos as: your name, your email, your school and workplace.

But the juicy stuff comes right after. You can list your friends inside your FOAF description and link their FOAF to yours. As a result, you could build a giant tree of people knowing each others. Hypothetically, an RDF crawler could then parse the tree and permit queries such as: "Does Bob know Alice?" or "Show me Charlie's friends".

So go ahead, crawl my FOAF description and create yours today!

I'm on the list!

I have just received an email from the school. At last, I am on the list of the next students to graduate.

If all goes well, I should receive my bachelor's degree this Christmas!