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New iPods are here!

If you visit the Apple Store daily, you should have notice that the new iPods have arrived.

The first big difference is the notable colour display available on all models.

But the fancyness of the screen is not the only change. The battery life has also extended from 12 hours on 4G iPods (mine) to 15 hours on the new model.

As for the capacity, the 30GB and 40GB models have been replaced by the 60GB one, while the 20GB model is still available. This will allow bigger capacity while keeping an affordable model around.

It also seems like Apple is cutting the cost by not shipping the Firewire cable and only providing the USB2 cable.

Nevertherless, the U2 iPod is still around, now using a gorgeous (quoting Steve Job's terms on the first presentation of the U2 iPod) colour display.

Now, I do feel like I have 400 bucks to burn... ;)

For the O.C. lovers

While I was on deviantart looking for a new wallpaper, I found a cartoon about the O.C. made by a very clever artist.

You can see his deviation by following this link:

If you have seen the O.C. (on FOX) at least once, you'll probably laugh reading My eyebrows are out of control.

Note: I do hate that show, so no pointing and laughing please

My new apartment

I finally left my old crapy apartment and moved to the new one you can see in this picture. I am now located near the Rivière des Prairies, 5 minutes from the Henri-Bourassa metro station.

It is a big change from what I was used to in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. No worry though, I cannot think of anything that I would miss.

The only thing missing right now is a washing machine. I will go shop for one next week-end. For the time being, I have many boxes to open and I do have to get back to work...

School's out for summer

Just a quick post to say that school is finally out for the rest of the summer. Summer school is easy, but it is not my cup of tea. But at the end, it will have save me half a year, so I guess it is worth the trouble.

Next step, I am moving in 2 days. Let's pack and enjoy!

Splitting a Class C is possible

Back in March, I had a discussion with one of my teacher. It was a course about networking and he was allegating that you cannot make two subnets out of a Class C.

My first reaction was that Classes are meaningless and he should use prefixes to describe routing. But my second thought was: what the hell is he talking about? Of course you can subnet a Class C. In prefixes terms, that's a /25.

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Bono is everywhere

If you do not already know, I have been dating a U2 fanatic for almost 3 years now. As I become more used to hear the name Bono, I thought I was soon going to be brainwashed.

And then I realized: Bono is everywhere. It is funny how sometimes while clicking links you can find something completely unrelated to your search query.

Anyhow, I was looking on Google how many liters per gallons, and thus typed: "liters per gallons". If you look at the results, Google has what they call a Calculator. Intrigued, I followed the link about obtaining more informations and got a page about Google Features.

Reading through the page, I came across the Q&A feature, which states:

Want to know the population of Japan? What currency is used in Algeria? The birthplace of Bono? Hit us with a fact-based [...]

Point made.. Bono is everywhere.