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Who am I?

For those of you that ignore who I am, my name is Olivier Hill and you are reading my webpage / blog.

(I'm the one on the right!):

Penn & Olivier

If you are looking for facts, here they are:

  • White male, 5'8"
  • Living in Laval, QC, Canada
  • In a relationship with this girl (almost married now)
  • Speaks French and English

I am a young professionnal working in the computer industry. Couple of years ago, I graduated from the École Polytechnique de Montréal in Computer Engineering, earning my bachelor's degree with honors.

Some of my interests/realizations

  • One of the contributor behind the PHP Project. Did some work on PHP itself, but mostly focus on writing and maintaining of PECL extensions. I did also contribute to the documentation effort, both in French and English.
  • One of the contributor on OpenStreetMap, mapping from different sources including GPS tracks I gather wherever I am.

I also enjoy music, which is good since I can store a lot of them on my shiny iPhone. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Coldplay, The Arcade Fire, Aerosmith, U2 and The Passengers (if you cannot understand the irony here, you do not have enough U2 culture. May I suggest you meet this girl?)

I'm also a television maniac. I love Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, even Stargate Universe and not such geeky stuff like Family Guy. I am a big sci-fi fan and I do recommend you rent Total Recall if you have not seen that Arnold Schwarzenegger classic.

If you have any comments about this site, please add those bellow.


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