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OS X 10.4.2 and Active Directory

While installing a Mac today, I ran a System Update to fetch version 10.4.2. Being curious about what has changed in this version, I consulted Apple's release notes on the patch. Except from certain boring video updates and more firewire support, I came across this important improvement: "Active Directory Users can be given a local administrator rights."

Thank you Apple for making my life easier!!!

This is not even sarcastic. Have you ever administered a network of computer geeks? They do want full access to their machines, while I do want to keep my network secure. Well, this is the perfect solution for me.

Before 10.4.2, I could give them local admin rights via Active Directory by creating a special group with no power except on the local machine (when binding it to AD). But I felt this was a hack and did not like it.

The new solution is much simpler and much more intuitive in Apple's terms. The only thing you have to do while using a network user is to go in System Preferences -> Accounts and give the user admin rights.


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